Revenue Skyrockets with Programmatic Campaign

This well-known direct broadcast satellite service provider was looking to boost business subscriptions for their professional sports streaming package. With an already established cross-channel marketing strategy, the brand turned to Portent to help introduce programmatic advertising into the mix.


Programmatic Advertising


Digital Cable Provider

281% Increase in PoP Assisted Conversions
520% Increase in PoP Assisted Conversion Revenue
233% Increase in PoP Site Traffic

When planning a seasonal B2B advertising campaign to promote their popular sports streaming package, this digital cable brand was looking for a new way to broaden their reach and attract a larger customer base. With already successful paid search and SEO efforts, they were concerned about whether or not introducing programmatic display advertising as a campaign strategy would deliver the traffic—and ROI—they needed.


Rather than start from scratch, our tactical approach to programmatic display advertising built on what we were already doing, and what was already working. We leveraged existing paid search audiences to inform the targeting parameters on the programmatic platform, in an effort to strategically serve ads that would drive new traffic to the website.

Our strategy focused on users throughout all stages of the marketing funnel, targeting the following audiences with programmatic display ads:

  • Prospecting – we identified top-of-funnel users who fit the customer demographic that had a higher likelihood to subscribe to the streaming service.
  • Contextual – another upper-funnel tactic that served contextually-relevant ads to users that were already viewing content related to the streaming service.
  • Behavioral – we served ads to middle-of-funnel users based on their intent and interests as it related to their business needs.
  • Remarketing – this identified potential B2B customers lower in the funnel that had already visited the streaming service’s website and shown interest in subscribing.

These seasonal ads ran for a total of three months, serving more than 12.7M impressions, with more than 3.5M unique users seeing the ads.


After only one day we saw the immediate impact programmatic display advertising made on this seasonal campaign strategy. We out-performed our initial conversion goals by 44%, and the cost per lead was 11% lower than we had estimated.

We also saw a significant increase in assisted conversions—more than 280%—which delivered more than a 500% increase in revenue related to these efforts, further confirming the ROI and value of adding a programmatic advertising campaign to our already successful paid search and SEO strategy.

PoP Assisted Conversions


PoP Assisted Conversion Revenue


In just one quarter, programmatic advertising drove more than 24K clicks to the website.

PoP Site Traffic


Overall, this three-month campaign saw a 9% increase in total subscriptions as a result of direct and assisted conversions. By introducing programmatic display advertising to an existing cross-channel marketing strategy, we helped this B2B digital cable provider boost its visibility and deliver timely, relevant ads to a larger customer base, ultimately driving revenue that exceeded initial expectations.

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