When your business goals demand that you improve your communication, it’s time for content that gets results. That’s what we do.

UX User Experience of Content Assessments - Content - Portent Services

UX of Content Assessments

Find out if your content is answering your customers’ questions and showcasing your expertise with this personalized, research-backed guide.

Connected Content - Content that builds results thought leadership - Portent Services

Connected Content

Connected content is based on your main services and business goals. Use compelling narratives to guide people through the customer journey.

Content Creation and Optimization for Digital Marketing - Content - Portent Services

Content Creation and Optimization

We’ll provide the ideas, the content production, and the editing based on research, best practices, and our well-honed instincts.

As a content marketing agency, we understand that “good” isn’t enough. Good isn’t how your business gets found in the ocean of content published every day on websites, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms. Our work is based on competitor and industry research, best practices, and your business goals. Regardless of the content service you’re interested in, you’ll get more than a smattering of good content. We’ll look beyond the blog to find out where your customers get their information, what your competitors are doing (and missing), and how content can support every stage of the customer journey. We can take your content from the seed of an idea to its final form or help your internal team execute. You’ll get ideas backed by research, writing that goes above and beyond best practices into the creative and unique, and razor-sharp editing. Ready to start improving your content?

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Not Just Writing. Engaging.

You don’t just want a good website–you want a website that performs. Your content, in all its forms, needs to attract, engage, and convert your audience. This is the core of content marketing, and we’ve been helping businesses get this right for the last 20 years. To make sure you have a website that works, we tailor our services to match your unique needs and goals.

Content Marketing - Content - Portent Services

Content Marketing

Establish your credibility, promote your expertise, and engage your audience with content that unites your unique offering and story with what your audiences care about.

Content Strategy for Digital Marketing - Content - Portent Services

Content Strategy

To make a website that works for you, content needs to be planned and executed to meet both your business goals and your audience’s needs. Do it right the first time and keep your content on point with strategy.

Digital Marketing Content Performance Measurement - Content - Portent Services

Content Performance Measurement

Publishing is well and good, but finding out what works is what gets you ahead. We’ll analyze the performance of your content and use that information to guide your content marketing toward optimal returns.

You need content that supports audience retention, traffic generation, and your brand’s reputation. Content is a long game; we deliver work that will drive sustainable results. We’ll educate you along the way so you understand why we’re doing what we’re doing and how to improve your internal processes to support growth. At Portent, your services are customized to your needs. We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing.

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Your Business Needs Content

Whether you’re a 20-person bookstore or a 1,500-person software company, your content needs to support your business goals and take into account your industry. You need more than a pre-packaged solution. That’s why research into your industry is part of all our services.

Ecommerce Content - Content - Portent Services

Ecommerce Content

Product and customer information are the cornerstones of a good retail site. Content will help guide your audience through the buying funnel and support their loyalty to your brand.

Software Content Supporting Digital Marketing - Content - Portent Services

Software Content

Before your users can enjoy your software, they need to understand how it will help them. Use content to inform your prospective customers, educate your audiences, and answer your users’ questions.

B2B Content Marketing Service - Content - Portent Services

B2B Content Marketing

Your prospective customers aren’t just looking to buy. They’re looking for reasons to trust your company. A documented content strategy goes a long way in helping you create effective content that converts.

We’ve worked with small, medium, and large companies across an array of industries. There’s no universal approach to content, but there are specific tactics for each industry. You can trust us to keep in mind the context of your content. And no matter your industry, brand awareness, audience engagement, and customer retention matter. We believe your online presence is an ecosystem, not a set of disconnected dots. SEO, PPC, and social send people to your website. Content keeps them there. We’re not just a content team, after all; we’re a holistic digital marketing agency.

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