Content Promotion Creates Major Increase in Organic Traffic

Choice Mutual was seeking ways to improve its search visibility in a highly competitive industry, specifically interested in building its backlink profile. Portent used an in-depth competitive analysis to inform several content promotion campaigns to accomplish their goals and improve their site's organic search visibility.


Off-Page SEO


Insurance Statistics

293% Increase in Organic Traffic
39% Increase in Domain Authority
984 Earned Backlinks

Choice Mutual tasked Portent with increasing organic traffic to their site. The client was specifically interested in link-building campaigns that would add to and improve their backlink profile. They were especially interested in raising their domain authority in a highly-competitive space.


We conducted thorough research to identify the best opportunities for the client to beat competitors and create content that will attract organic links and mentions from trustworthy websites. Most of their competitors weren’t actively engaging in link-building campaigns, so Choice Mutual had a first-mover advantage to establish their brand as a trusted source for the media and search engines. Building Choice Mutual’s backlink profile with relevant links would also improve their overall E-E-A-T.

Portent’s organic teams collaborated to generate high-value content ideas. Once the client approved the topics and cadence for the content creation, we collected the data, developed the article copy, and created and launched the campaign. Portent conducted outreach to relevant media outlets, fielding media requests and communicating on behalf of the client.

Portent held internal retrospectives for each campaign to assess performance and determine what could be improved. We repeated this outreach, analysis, and iteration process for each of the 15 content promotion campaigns throughout the 3-year engagement.


Increased Domain Authority

Portent’s strategy helped Choice Mutual earn over 1,600 unique pieces of digital media coverage (including backlinks and brand mentions) from sites with an average domain authority of 60. This digital coverage signaled Choice Mutual’s topical relevance within their industry, building on E-E-A-T and resulting in a 39% increase in their site’s domain authority, from 36 to 50.

A chart showing an increase in domain authority

Increased Organic Traffic

Additionally, Choice Mutual realized a 293% increase in organic traffic. Over time, it is clear that the earned coverage increased Choice Mutual’s organic search visibility.

A chart showing growth in organic sessions

Increased Direct Traffic

These efforts also provided a significant secondary benefit. Our efforts lead to a 375% increase in direct traffic, with a 398% increase in new users) period over period.

A chart showing an increase in direct sessions

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