What is Podcast Advertising?

If you’ve ever listened to a podcast, you’ve likely heard the host stop to talk about a product or service at some point during the episode. They may endorse a brand or company, and sometimes even share personal experiences they have had with a particular product. This is podcast advertising, and it is among the most engaging and effective methods to tap into new audiences and build your brand.

Podcast advertising allows brands to reach over 90 million podcast listeners in multiple formats. Prerecorded ads play before, during and after the podcast, while others are live-read by the podcast hosts. Podcast ads costs range from $10-$25 CPM, making them competitive with traditional radio advertising.

Why is Podcast Advertising Important?

The origin of podcasting dates back to the early 2000s, and it has continued to grow in popularity ever since. Why? This entertainment medium creates an experience that requires a higher level of engagement than other types of media, and establishes a connection between the audience and the host.

As podcast listenership increases, so does the opportunity to share your brand with a loyal, engaged, and trustworthy audience. The ROI on podcast advertising is steadily increasing, because:

  • Podcasts require listeners to be highly attentive to audio messaging
  • They trust the host and the information they are providing
  • The variety of podcast genres makes audience targeting easier
  • You don’t need to work with major podcasts to get results
Infographic showing various statistics about podcast listenership as it relates to advertising.
Data retrieved in 2019 from www.edisonresearch.com

How to Get Started with Podcast Advertising

So you’re ready to jump into podcast advertising—but what do you do first? The best, and most important, place to start is by identifying your target audience. This will lay the groundwork for finding podcasts that will be the best fit for your brand or product, as well as what your ad will offer those targeted listeners.

Once you know who you are going to target, what your value proposition is, and which podcasts will reach your desired demographic, you’re ready to have a conversation with the podcast host or their production team about your options. The flow chart below provides an easy to follow roadmap for successful podcast advertising (get a printable version here).

Flowchart graphic demonstrating a four-step process for securing podcast advertising spots


Check out some additional resources below, including Kat Shereko’s recent presentation at the Seattle Interactive Conference to learn more about podcast advertising!


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