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We make complex subjects easy to understand. We use the right communication method, tone, and language to build trust and rapport with our clients and each other.

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We know and respect our teammates and clients enough to learn what makes them tick. We’re thoughtful in our approach to anticipating their needs and crafting unique solutions.

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We are genuinely curious about the evolution of the industry we work in. We deepen our knowledge through innovation to solve client problems and improve internal processes.

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We set clear expectations and follow through on those expectations. We take ownership, even when the path forward is unclear, to finish what we start. We acknowledge and learn from our failures and successes.

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We connect the dots, explaining the impact of our strategies and tactics. We openly share our knowledge with our teammates, clients, and the industry.


We believe that providing the best possible service to our clients matters. We can make a significant impact on our clients when we collaborate with and teach them about what we do best, digital marketing.

Our Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity

At Portent, inclusion and diversity are more than just initiatives; they are a foundational part of who we are and how we operate.

Our team brings diverse expertise and skillsets from across the country. We value these unique perspectives and are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where every team member can be their authentic selves, know they belong here, and have an equal opportunity to thrive.

To achieve this, we are committed to the following:

Equitable Hiring and Promotional Practices

To increase diversity in our candidate pipeline, we ensure our job descriptions are free of unconscious bias and gendered language. We continue to evolve our recruiting approach to increase the representation of diverse employees at all levels of our organization.

We believe in equitable pay and benefits programs, and every year we review our policies and benefits against the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index.

Employee Resource Groups

We have established a variety of employee resource groups based on common interests and shared life experiences to give our team members an outlet to connect, socialize, engage in discussions, and raise awareness on relevant issues.

Our Work Will Continue

We recognize that in order to foster an inclusive environment that celebrates and supports the diverse perspectives of our employees, our work will never be done. We continuously audit our internal systems and processes for implicit bias and adjust agency policies and procedures to be more inclusive.

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