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Social Media Strategy

Make social media work for you, not the other way around, with a simple assessment on how your approach is working or a full social playbook. We can help you build a strategy that includes owned, earned and paid media outreach through each of your platforms.

Social Media Audit - Social - Portent Services

Social Media Audits

Sometimes all it takes to get your social media presence moving in the right direction is an expert eye and some prescriptive advice. Our team will analyze up to 12 months of data, and provide a list of prescriptive recommendations around improving your day-to-day efforts.

Social Media Consulting Services - Social Media - Portent Services

General Consulting

Understand how and when to promote your content on social. Learn when to pay for reach instead of relying on organic outreach. Get tips on copywriting for social, or how to differentiate your marketing material from your standard owned content that goes out on social.

Whether it’s something as simple as supporting a single campaign or a project as extensive as outsourcing your entire social media department, Portent’s team of experts is ready to do the work. Becoming your trusted partner as we work our way towards impactful social media use is our ultimate goal. Along the way, we’ll discover tactics that work well – and, likely, tactics that don’t. At the end of the day, you’ll have an agency that’s as invested in your success as you are.

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Don’t Just Do Social. Do It Well.

You probably already have each of your social media sites up and running. But simply being on social isn’t enough if you’re looking to turn it into a viable marketing channel. Getting the most out of the work you put into social media networks means lining them up with the rest of your marketing channels. Here’s how we can help you accomplish that effectively.

Social Media Advertising Services - Social - Portent Services

Social Advertising

Success in social advertising requires a keen understanding of your core business, precise targeting, and the ability to adjust as results come in. Our team can help you achieve your paid social goals no matter your field or business.

Social Media Training for Digital Marketing Teams - Social Media - Portent Services

Social Media Training

Do you have an outstanding team that’s in need of a bit of direction? Our experts can provide specific training on a variety of subjects and bring your team up to speed on the latest in social media marketing.

Social Media Community Management - Social - Portent Services

Community Management

Perhaps staffing is an issue, or maybe you’re just looking for an expert touch when it comes to your audience. Whatever the reason, our team is ready to manage the social media accounts of organizations big or small.

Your social media work needs to support community management and traffic generation while simultaneously building brand reputation and awareness. Making every one of your social platforms work for you is difficult, but if approached with the right strategy and tactics, very achievable. What we do for you will be customized specifically to your needs and organization. Along the way, we’ll work with your team to help you understand why we’re making the recommendations we’re making. You’ll always know why and how Portent is providing value to you.

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Your Business Needs Social

You might have a company that’s just starting out or a business that’s been running successfully for decades. No matter where you are in the lifecycle of your business, a well-constructed social media plan is critical when you’re looking to round out your overall digital marketing strategy.

B2C Social Media Marketing - Social - Portent Services

B2C Social Media Marketing

The cornerstone of a good B2C social media presence is the perfect blend of brand awareness, customer service, and sales promotion. Balancing these types of outreach with an overall social media strategy is the key success factor for most B2C organizations.

B2B Social Media Marketing Services - Social - Portent Services

B2B Social Media Marketing

It’s a different ballgame when you’re running social media outreach for B2B audiences. Instead of awareness and engagement, you have to focus on product education and traffic generation. The basics of social media marketing still apply, but success is measured very differently.

Ecommerce Social Media Marketing Services - Social - Portent Services

Ecommerce Social Media Marketing

Whether it’s setting up your Facebook page to optimize for conversions or creating a remarketing funnel on Twitter, social ecommerce work requires a careful touch and constant optimization.

At Portent, we’ve worked with small, medium, and large companies in every field imaginable. While every client is unique, there are strategies and tactics we’ve perfected over the years that can help your business flourish on social media. Whether you’re struggling to build up your core audience or simply need help optimizing your approach, our team has the experience you need to turn your social media platforms into vehicles that can help your brand grow.

If you’re ready to learn more, send us a message. We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

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