A Thank You From Everyone at Portent

Kirsten Pickworth, Director of Client Services

When I joined Portent nearly 10 years ago, our website had the tagline “Weird, Useful, Significant.” Like the novelty “Live, Laugh, Love” mantra displayed in so many homes across the country, our tagline was an embraced, accurate representation of our team of experts, our purpose in serving clients, and our commitment to creative consulting and problem-solving. We were marketing nerds with a sense of humor and a love for collaboration.

.gif of Homer Simpson yelling "Nerd"

Fast forward to 2023, and we’re still proud marketing nerds! We’ve maintained our focus on helping companies address complex marketing challenges and reach their KPIs with useful recommendations. And we maintain a strong, significant presence and respected voice as leaders and teachers in the digital marketing industry. 

This fall, we reflected on how to share our appreciation for the clients we work with across industries. We decided to lean back into our weird side and brainstorm unconventional ideas to bring levity and the gift of laughter to our client contacts. 

To be honest, this has been a year of transition in services, clients, and staff for Portent. Yet, we continue to innovate our services. We’ve refined how we work together. And our teams are still having fun and sharpening each other through collaboration and a sense of humor. You could say we’re living, laughing, and loving the process.

One of the 2023 projects I’m most proud of is the launch of our Portent Digital Marketing Rundown. This monthly newsletter is an exclusive, Entertainment Tonight-esque look inside our light-hearted Slack conversations about industry trends, pain points with tools and platforms, innovative ideas about how we improve our service, and what we’re teaching our clients across industries. 

Our founder, Ian Lurie, set this tone for us more than 25 years ago as an authentic marketer and honest consultant and has since never stopped teaching and sharing his opinions within the industry. I’m glad this intellectual curiosity and authenticity still permeates our culture, our team collaboration, and our client service.

Thank you to all of our clients and industry colleagues who have invited us into their businesses, their lives, and projects to achieve their goals this year. We’re still glad to serve as weird, useful, and significant marketing consultants celebrating each milestone with you. Although business goals may be serious, we believe the work we do to achieve those goals should be inspiring, collaborative, and fun. 

We wish you all a wonderful holiday season filled with simple joys and laughter with family and friends. 

Kirsten Pickworth, Director of Client Services

Kirsten Pickworth

Interim VP, Agency Services
Interim VP, Agency Services

Kirsten is Portent's director of client services, with more than 15 years of experience building integrated marketing strategies for B2B and B2C businesses and nonprofit fundraising. She is a marketing nerd who is always learning and looking for ways to collaborate and teach in her community. Kirsten is also a mom of two who enjoys writing, volunteering, baking creations, and adventuring in the mountains and waters of the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her family.

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