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8 Aug, 2018

Creating Kick-Ass Marketing Reports Through Progressive Detail

By Ian Lurie

Marketing reports damage my car. Sometimes, when I walk out of a meeting, usually a quarterly or monthly There-Is-A-Very-Important-Person-In-The-Room kind of meeting, I head to my car. I close the door. I crank up the radio. Then I punch the roof as hard as I can while screaming “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.” Most of the time, that’s because… Read More

Internet Marketing

10 May, 2018

The GDPR: 29 Things ALL Marketers Must Know

By Ian Lurie

First: None of this is legal advice. I’m 24 years out of law school, and my eyes cross when I read any form of legislation. For the legalities, visit the GDPR site and/or hire a lawyer. I wrote this list while ranting about the various awful blog posts I’ve read by “experts,” and marketers’ tendency… Read More

Mobile PPC Strategy Guide - Portent PPC

8 May, 2018

Mobile PPC: An Absurdly Easy-to-follow Guide to Get it Right

By Ryan Moothart

Part 1 – Introduction to Mobile PPC & Why This Guide Matters Google searches on mobile devices outnumber those made on laptop or desktop computers and that gap continues to grow. This means that you’re likely losing money if you’re not advertising to mobile traffic in your PPC accounts. However, you need to do it… Read More

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Getting past outdated last click attribution models via pole-vault Analytics

3 May, 2018

Why Attribution is The Most Important Marketing Argument

By Michael Wiegand

Imagine with me for a minute you’re being asked to give credit for a marketing result: A download of a killer asset, a lead form fill, a meaningful sales opportunity. What’s “fair”? First touch? Last touch? Well, I hope one of the two, because that’s what’s being sent to Salesforce by default from your web… Read More

Sitting in a conference - social media marketing world 2018 takeaways Social Media

30 Apr, 2018

A Few Takeaways From Social Media Marketing World 2018

By Lauren Clawson

I recently attended Social Media Marketing World put on by Social Media Examiner. Overall, the conference was excellent, and while I could write a separate blog post on several of these topics, here are some of my top takeaways from time in sunny San Diego: 1. With LinkedIn, the most underutilized resource for companies isn’t… Read More

Fundamental UX Principles User Experience

30 Apr, 2018

9 Fundamental UX Principles That Will Boost Your Conversions

By Tim Mehta

Have you ever gotten mad at a website because you couldn’t get to where you wanted to go? What did you do? You probably left, never to return. Now flip the script. You’re in charge of improving the UX (User Experience) of your company’s website. You are amped. You have been burned too many times… Read More

How to build an AdWords account starting with Account Settings PPC

27 Apr, 2018

How to Build an AdWords Account – Campaign & Network Settings

By Ryan Moothart

If you’re new to paid search (or it’s been a while), how to build an AdWords account from scratch can seem daunting. How do you know you’re doing this “the right way”? What are you missing? Could your campaigns be better? The amount of doubt that can seep into your head when you’re at this… Read More

Does content marketing actually work library overfull of old books - Portent Content Strategy

25 Apr, 2018

Does Content Marketing Actually Work?

By Rita Totten

Confession time. There’ve been a few times where I’ve found myself asking (or exclaiming): Does content marketing actually work? It’s possible this existential crisis was related to a full week spent writing blog posts attempting to espouse the need for the latest organizational software. But there was and is a part of me serious about… Read More

A guide to https migration to make sites more secure Design & Development

24 Apr, 2018

Lock It Up: A guide for HTTPS migrations

By Andy Schaff

In 2017, I advocated migration to HTTPS before Google started making it seriously painful for sites who didn’t. Well guess what? Google just made the privacy pain official by announcing the Chrome 68 update, which will mark HTTP sites as “not secure.” The browser update is expected to roll out in July 2018. If you’ve… Read More

NLP impact on content writing and digital marketing Content Strategy

19 Apr, 2018

What Does Natural Language Processing Mean for Writers, Content, and Digital Marketing?

By Cate McGehee

Terrible Movie Pitch: The battle for the voice of the internet has begun. In one corner, we have computer programs fortified by algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and other sexy STEM buzzwords. In the other corner, we have millions of copywriters armed with the only marketable skill a liberal arts education can provide: communication.… Read More

Lessons for content marketers from classic novels, two old books having a conversation Copywriting

17 Apr, 2018

5 Storytelling Techniques Content Marketers Can Learn from the Classics

By Marissa Nymeyer

In my ninth grade English class, one of the very first things we read was Romeo and Juliet. While most of my friends whined about how hard it was to read and why the sentences had to be so long, I was mesmerized. The language, the characters, the setting — all of it. And it… Read More

SEO for Small Business SEO

12 Apr, 2018

SEO for Small Business – The Topics, Tactics & Tools

By Timothy Johnson and Shannon Walsh

So you’ve decided to play the long-game that is SEO. Fantastic! Depending on your familiarity with search engines, perhaps you’ve told your team or your boss “we’ll work to show up in the number one spot for the one thing that everyone searches in our industry.” [Long, long pause.] It’s a tantalizing thought. But let’s… Read More

Internet Marketing

11 Apr, 2018

Facebook’s Congressional Hearing: This Isn’t About Privacy

By Alex DeLeon

Over the last two weeks, I’ve lost count of the number of conversations I’ve had with clients looking for my opinion on the news cycle surrounding Facebook and the congressional hearing that came out of it. These conversations have ranged far and wide. My largest client – an eCommerce giant with millions of fans –… Read More

19 Extreme PPC Blunders and Mistakes PPC

6 Apr, 2018

19 Extreme PPC Blunders

By Max Trotter

Today, for a change of pace we’ll look at how to build the most wasteful, ineffective PPC account possible. The blunders listed here range from ignoring easy wins that could have maximized your ad’s visibility, to lazily throwing ads at every passerby rather than being deliberate and crisp with this incredibly powerful targeting available to… Read More

Social Media

5 Apr, 2018

Facebook Marketing: What’s Changing, What’s Not, & What To Do

By Ian Lurie

OH GODS FACEBOOK IS DEAD STOP BUYING ADS WE’RE ALL DOOMED Hold on a second. The Facebook privacy quake has already forced the social network to change the way they handle and collect consumer data. That’s changing their advertising platform. And there’s more to come. But before you freak out and pull your clients’ dollars,… Read More

What you need to know about Google's mobile-first index rollout SEO

3 Apr, 2018

What you Need to Know about Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Rollout

By Caleb Cosper

Anyone reading this has probably already heard the news: Google announced last week that they’re “migrating sites that follow the best practices for mobile-first indexing.” Anyone who keeps abreast of SEO news (or works with clients who do) has probably received an email since that announcement wondering nervously what this means for their site. Worry… Read More