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15 Sep, 2016

The Complete Guide to Robots.txt

By Matthew Henry

Robots.txt is a small text file that lives in the root directory of a website. It tells well-behaved crawlers whether to crawl certain parts of the site or not. The file uses simple syntax to be easy for crawlers to put in place (which makes it easy for webmasters to put in place, too). Write… Read More

Content Strategy

27 Apr, 2016

The right (and wrong) content marketing question

By Ian Lurie

When people ask me about content marketing, they always start with one question: “How many pieces of content will I need to…” followed by their business goal. 2,778 should do it. Give or take 500. I’m not being a smartass here (for once). I understand the question. Content creation feels expensive. It’s hard work. It’s… Read More

How to Setup Remarketing Featured PPC

26 Apr, 2016

How to Setup a Google AdWords Remarketing Campaign

By Chad Kearns

Remarketing campaigns through Google AdWords offer advertisers an additional tactic to drive potentially high value visitors back to their website in an effort to grow overall conversion figures. Remarketing campaigns allow businesses to stay connected with their target audience after they leave their website by showing ads to them on other websites across the web.… Read More

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The Google Analytics Dashboard Hero Analytics

22 Apr, 2016

The Google Analytics E-commerce Dashboard Every AdWords Marketer Needs Now

By Chad Kearns

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all of your Google AdWords e-commerce data in one easy-to-read dashboard? Using custom dashboards in Google Analytics, you can! Creating these custom dashboards from the ground up can be a time-consuming and frustrating process if you don’t know what you’re doing. Lucky for you, we have a… Read More

Stretching Money PPC

20 Apr, 2016

11 Tips for Low Budget PPC Advertisers

By Timothy Johnson

Return on investment is everything for small and medium sized businesses looking to buy pay-per-click advertising on a budget. With many different features and settings to navigate through, running a successful PPC campaign is easier said than done. Factor in a typically smaller-than-your-competition budget and competing successfully can be daunting. Small business owners and marketers… Read More

Child working on laptop PPC

15 Apr, 2016

6 Keys to Great PPC Ad Copy

By Chad Kearns

Through pay-per-click marketing, businesses have the opportunity to create highly targeted advertising campaigns in an effort to reach their most valuable customers online. For many businesses that cannot compete in the organic rankings for their most important keywords, paid advertising provides an outlet to get in front of the right customers at the very top… Read More

Internet Marketing

13 Apr, 2016

Marketers Are Not Storytellers

By Ian Lurie

TL;DR: Storytelling isn’t what digital marketers do. The audience creates the stories. We build the maps they use. We’re worldbuilders. Storytelling is a great word, but a poor metaphor for what we, the marketers, do. Before you scroll down and start swearing at me in the comments: I love marketing storytelling. Storytelling is fantastic. It’s… Read More Adaptive Reuse: Home Design & Development

12 Apr, 2016

Introducing Adaptive Reuse for Experience Design & Development

By Blake Scott

Does the word “redesign” terrify you? How about “adaptive reuse”? You don’t always need the all-in investment of a total redesign and rebuild. Blake Scott explains “adaptive reuse” in the context of digital experiences, and how we used an adaptive reuse strategy to reinvent our very own site,

sad sack at a computer Social Media

8 Apr, 2016

How to Win Facebook Friends and Influence People (with Ads)

By Alex DeLeon

How many times a week do you get hit by ads on Facebook that mean absolutely nothing to you? 10? 20? Broad ad targeting on the internet is nothing new, but something about that approach just feels off on an otherwise highly curated platform like Facebook. The obvious issue at play here is that, with over $17 billion… Read More

Total Marketing Wellness Internet Marketing

31 Mar, 2016

Total Marketing Wellness: The Health of Your Marketing

By Kyle Eliason

A man goes to into the doctor’s office and says it hurts no matter where he touches his body. The doctor looks at him noting that he doesn’t appear to have any full body trauma. Skeptically, the doctor says “Impossible.” The man says to the doctor, “No. I’m not making this up. It hurts really… Read More

The DM's Guide to Marketing Internet Marketing

30 Mar, 2016

The Dungeon Master’s Guide to Marketing

By Ian Lurie

Note: If you don’t know what D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) is, you should probably leave. Avoid eye contact with this blog post. Step away slowly but do not run. Click the back button. For a DM (Dungeon Master—see the warning above), marketing’s a pretty good gig. You get to write. You get to do nerdy… Read More

Internet Marketing

28 Mar, 2016

14 Little Things to Make Your Blog Post Content Better

By Ian Lurie

Great content is all about a great idea. It’s also about the production quality. I can’t give much advice about video or audio, but I write a lot. These are my favorite little tweaks to improve content quality, reader happiness, and performance. All these tips assume that you can edit your own content but not… Read More

Page Speed Insights Design & Development

18 Mar, 2016

Why Page Speed Matters & PageSpeed Insights Fails – A Developer’s Tale

By Andy Schaff

Note: Check out our Ultimate Guide to page Speed for a top-to-bottom look at how you can improve page load times. At this point, anyone who browses, manages, and/or creates websites on the regular, should know that page speed matters. So.. everyone. It’s no surprise that we demand our information fast, like right meow. If… Read More

Your marketing toolbox - it's essential Internet Marketing

14 Mar, 2016

11 Must-Have Tech Skills For Every Digital Marketer

By Ian Lurie

Digital marketing is a mish-mash of marketing knowledge and little snippets of nerdy know-how. It’s a mess. You need to nail both categories, and the one that I see most often jam up would-be marketers is the nerdy stuff. Without it, you can’t execute. There isn’t some exclusive “oh-look-at-me-I’m-a-digital marketer” club. If you can’t check… Read More

7 Easy Ways to Stop Wasting Money in Google AdWords Cash PPC

10 Mar, 2016

7 Easy Ways to Stop Wasting Money in Google AdWords

By Chad Kearns

Unfortunately, many digital marketers have experienced it first hand or know of someone who has. One way or another, we all know a story of advertisers losing money through pay-per-click marketing campaigns via Google AdWords. Losing money on Google AdWords is much easier than you might think. With all of the intricate campaign-level settings, setup… Read More

Ultimate Guide to Site Speed - Portent Design & Development

3 Mar, 2016

Preface: Ultimate Guide to Page Speed

By The Portent Team

Ultimate Guide to Page Speed A Manifesto, An Experiment, A Passion for Making Digital Experience Better Preface: Let’s make a ruckus ← You are here Chapter 1: A Guide To This Guide Chapter 2: Why Page Speed Matters To Digital Marketing Chapter 3: What Impacts Page Speed? Chapter 4: Novice – Image Compression And Such… Read More

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