Turning Content into Business: ACP-LS Presentation

Ian Lurie Oct 26 2017

Greetings, ACP-LS folks! Here’s my deck and links:

Send me questions on Twitter. I love it!
Me, on LinkedIn
AnswerThePublic provides content ideas
Atom.io is the best text editor ever
Canva helps with graphics creation
Grammarly is a decent quick proofreading tool
Hemingway helps make your content more brief
iStockPhoto provides stock images (if you must)
Markdown syntax guide
Snagit is my favorite screen capture tool

Important! Here’s the analytics report I talked about in my session. Grab it, adjust it, and you can start measuring content conversions.

As a bonus – here’s a slide deck on a similar topic that I did at another conference, but with badgers instead of capybara: