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Morgan’s Bikes: Story Conclusion

There is no conclusion, of course. Morgan is not done with internet marketing. But she’s now gone through the first cycle. By following the basic rubric of Conversation Marketing, she’s built a campaign that includes:

She knows she’s not done, but she’s off to a good start.

Select, Converse, Don’t Accumulate

If most internet marketers have it all wrong, a few get it right. The success stories —, Google, and Flickr, to name a few — all have one thing in common. They understand their audience, market effectively, and deliver with sensible, functional design. Then they listen to their customers and continuously improve their sites and marketing campaigns.

They make it work by understanding the internet’s unique position in the media world as a two-way, mass-communications environment. They learn their audience, design a site that looks just as it should (no one would call Google “pretty”), ill it with great content, and then observe how people respond. Then they fine tune and adapt accordingly.

Having read this book, you may or may not be ready for a career as an internet marketer, but you’re definitely ready to talk to one.

Internet marketing can be smarmy, dizzying, confusing, and sometimes downright frustrating. But it can also work brilliantly. I hope this book has moved you a few steps toward the brilliance, and helped you cut through the confusion.

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