The Portent Content Idea Generator

The famous title generator! Use it to come up with an array of titles for your next blog post or presentation. Some are funny. Some are genuinely useful. Caution: It’s addictive.

The Marketing Stack Explorer

See how internet marketing works, and how all of the pieces fit together. The Marketing Stack shows what Portent does, how we approach digital marketing, and why the best digital marketing knocks down silos.

The Responsinator

A fun project, the Responsinator tests a web site’s response codes – the codes your server returns if a link is broken, for example – and alerts you if the server isn’t correctly configured. Note: This is a tool built in Portent staff’s spare time. Use at your own risk.

That said, it’s a heck of a lot of fun. Go for it!

Click Worth Calculator

What’s a click really worth to your website? No matter if you run a lead-based business or retail-based business, you can find the secret to the almighty mouse with the Click Worth Calculator.

Title Tag SERP Preview Tool

Preview your meta title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs to see how they will actually display in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This tool was designed to measure title tags according to pixel length, not character count, just like the search engines do.

RainGage™ Site Diagnostics

The most advanced diagnostic web crawler in the industry, RainGage™ Site Diagnostics crawls up to 250,000 pages per crawl. It then returns thousands of critical data points. Some key items include:

  • Duplicate content
  • Crawl architecture
  • Broken links
  • Page load time
  • Page weight
  • Calculated intra-site PageRank
  • Crawl-generated sitemap
  • XML sitemap

But that’s the tip of the iceberg. Site Diagnostics allows us to create a host of custom filters to check for analytics code, specific javascript, link structures or any other on-page text. Portent clients can quickly test and evaluate massive sites.

RainGage Content Inventory

Content inventories can be the most repetitive, time-intensive work for in-house marketing departments. Portent clients automate the process using our unique RainGage Content Inventory.

This tool checks a site, page by page, inspecting content and returning both performance data – likes, links and such – and diagnostic data – reading grade level, words per page and other readability factors. The result: Portent clients save time, and can focus on data-assisted modeling of the ‘ideal’ site content.

The N-Gramminator

Alas, when Google shut down Google Reader, this tool ceased working. But it’s worth a mention: The N-Gramminator takes any content and detects the top 2- and 3-word phrases in that content.