The Worst of Google Logos

Portent Staff May 9 2011

Over the past couple of years the extremely bored artists at Google have taken to celebrating random holidays around the world, by creating a new Google Logo EVERY DAY. Obviously there is not much work for an artist at Google; all of their art is generated by algorithms. The very few artists there are forced to labor intensely on nonsensical themed logos in order to appear busy.

These cheerful logos also give the appearance of levity to the otherwise cold and calculating machine mind that is Google. Look upon the face of your destroyer and weep. Your death will be slow and merciless!

Unfortunately some of these logos have turned out better than others. So without further ado:

The Worst

Google's Valentine's Day Logo

Can color blind people even read this? I don't know!

Google's Bunsen Logo

Seriously Google, you want to celebrate the birthday of Robert Bunsen? Well I guess someone has to.

Google's Click-or-treat Logo

This Halloween Logo was done before 2010, or before the Google Logo artist learned to draw.

Google's Cricket Logo

<em>"Cricket? Nobody understands cricket! You gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket!"</em>

Google's Ireland Logo

This logo was designed by Michael J. Fox on methamphetamines.

Google's World Cup Logo

I guess this is how they play soccer in South Africa. GOOOOOAL!

Google's Barcode Logo

Someone was paid money to make this.

Google's Tron Logo

This logo represents national Tron day.

Google's Italian Logo

This logo is unintentionally phallic in nature.

Google's Porridge Day Logo


Google's St. Patricks Day Logo

I spent more time on this blog post than they did on this logo.

Google's Kuwait national Day Logo

This is just all kinds of terrible.

Google's Royal Wedding Logo

Take time out of your crushing economic depression, rioting, and battling nuclear fallout to celebrate the union of two spoiled aristocrats you've never even met! Yay! Just kidding I'm sure they are splendid people. Like OMG can you believe Pippa Middleton wore white to her own sister's wedding? LOL! ^_^