Here's the thing about marketing…

Ian Lurie

Sale or good offer
…it’s only as good as the product you’re selling, and your knowledge of the product.
See, I can write some great copy, and we can pull together a gorgeous web site, and then we can add all sorts of whiz-bang Web 300.0 stuff to it.
We can make the cart really usable, too.
And you’ll sell a few things here and there.
But if the product sucks, word will get around, fast. The only things that spread faster on the internet than bad reviews are celebrity sex tapes and leaks about Apple’s next product.
And, if you can’t tell me why your product is special, how do you expect me to tell the world? It’s true, I’m good. But I ain’t that good.

Great products are rare. And great.

On the positive side, great products rock. There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting to help grow a really great business that has a really great product.
You might even (gasp) want to let the marketers talk to you about your product before it’s done. We might have some insight that can make your product, or service, or whatever, really great.

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