Internet Marketing Puppy Syndrome

Ian Lurie

Some friends of ours got a puppy. Her name’s Gracie. She is adorable. Excruciatingly cute and soulful in a head tilting kind of way. Gracie is awesome. But she’s a lot of work.


Think about that when you decide to launch that blog, or create a newsletter, or set up a Twitter account.

You know me – I rarely discourage folks from trying stuff. If you don’t test and try, you can’t make any progress. But you have to really try. You have to go into a project with your eyes open and a genuine desire to succeed.

Approach it like you’re looking at that puppy in the window:

When you bring it home, who’s going to have to take care of it? Is anyone else at your company going to help out?

Do you have enough money for the vet bills? Do you have a budget?

How long will it take to housebreak? How long will it take for your new marketing project to pay off?

How long before your partner throws the dog out? How much time do you have to make the marketing project pay off?

Are you a Great Dane person looking at a toy poodle? Does this marketing project you’re considering fit your organization’s personality? If you’re a fast-moving place, maybe Twitter is better than a blog, for example.

I’ll try to come up with an even more stretched analogy for Monday…

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