Marketing as Worldbuilding: The Links

Ian Lurie

I know, I know. I piled on the tips and tools. It’s OK!!!! Here are the links, related content and slides from my Marketing Worldbuilding talk:

30 Tips For Better Content
If you want a bunch of ideas for creating better places, check out this presentation and links

Google Trends
Compare trends around keywords. Figure out your audience’s language

Answer The Public
Question research. Ignore the creepy guy on the home page. This is one of the best question-mining tools you’ll find

A whole site filled with questions and answers. Find the most-asked, most-viewed questions, answer them on your site and you’ll sell more stuff

I can’t survive without this tool. It finds and corrects some of the real cringe-worthy errors in my writing

Hemingway helps you write more concise, readable copy. It’s not quite as good as a human being, but it’s close

A dang handy image compression tool for the Mac

Like Imageoptim, but for Windows. So it’s not as cool. Like Star Wars isn’t as cool as Star Trek

Actual, interesting stock photos that won’t make you weep with despair

More stock photos that will make you smile

Marketers are Worldbuilders
The article that started it all: My piece about marketing worldbuilding

And the slides:

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See how Portent can help you own your piece of the web.

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