Campaign Overhaul Fuels Revenue Climb

This well-known outdoor apparel company has a powerful brand presence and long-standing loyal customer base. But rising marketing costs and increased competition had them looking for new strategies to grow revenue, and Portent rose to the occasion.


Paid Social Strategy


E-commerce: Outdoor Apparel

144% Increase in YoY Shopping Ad Revenue
109% Growth in YoY Revenue
143% Increase in YoY Prospecting ROAS

This beloved outdoor apparel company has been delighting outdoor enthusiasts for decades. Despite maintaining a strong digital presence for more than 20 years, they had begun to experience a low ROI on their shopping and non-branded paid search campaigns. With an initial goal of increasing their return on ad spend by 200%, they needed to quickly and effectively overhaul their paid search and shopping ad efforts.

Additionally, the brand recognized the need for a new platform and strategy to grow revenue, in response to rising competition in traditional channels. However, they were concerned with how social media advertising would impact customer perception and affect their brand image.

With high offline marketing costs, the desire to maintain brand equity, and the oversaturation of industry competitors in mind, they needed to quickly and effectively achieve the following:

  • Find another marketing channel that would provide YoY growth
  • Introduce new potential customers to the brand
  • Improve remarketing efforts to convert website visitors from all other channels

For the initial PPC overhaul, the primary goal was to grow e-commerce revenue. The company was extremely knowledgeable about their core customers and knew that an initial sale with someone in their demographic would deliver enormous lifetime value. Our PPC team developed a growth-focused and highly structured paid search strategy enabling analysis, testing, and ongoing optimization. Paid search work included:

  • Non-Branded Campaign Expansion
  • Dynamic Search Campaign Building
  • Bing Shopping Expansion
  • Structured Snippets

Following those efforts, our social media team began building out the brand’s ad account on Facebook. We focused on three main campaigns: non-website visitors, website visitors, and past customers. Organizing audience segments this way allowed us to minimize overlap, freely prospect for new users, and retarget previous visitors. Our strategy was comprised of:

  • Audience Targeting – using the client’s first-party data, we created highly targeted audiences for both prospecting and remarketing. By building lookalike audiences, we expanded our reach into prospecting by targeting users that had similar traits to past purchasers.
  • Dynamic Product Ads – we leveraged DPAs as a supplemental format to optimize retargeting efforts based on where we observed customer drop-off.
  • Tailored Content – in collaboration with the brand’s creative team, we tailored images, copy, and content format to customize the ad experience for users depending on their stage in the customer journey.
  • Maintaining Brand Equity – by strategically blending lifestyle photos and videos with product-focused images, our Facebook ad campaigns successfully familiarized users with the company’s products while staying true to their brand ethos.

The initial overhaul and rebuild of the brand’s PPC strategy enabled full transparency of their branded search, non-branded, and shopping campaigns. Providing increased granularity and control in the account and campaign structure significantly expanded non-branded product coverage.

These efforts drove a surge in PPC results, including a 697% increase in YoY non-branded search revenue, a 29% increase in branded search revenue, and 144% growth in shopping ad revenue, ultimately contributing to a 43% overall YoY revenue increase.

YoY Revenue Growth With PPC Strategy

Chart showing YoY growth with PPC strategy

Building on the success of these paid search results, our team’s paid social strategy helped the brand maximize the Facebook platform by developing a campaign structure that expanded its reach and avoided cannibalization in the auction. This new account structure allowed them to utilize all first-party data for richer audience segments, resulting in a 109% YoY growth the following year.

YoY Facebook Revenue

Chart showing YoY Facebook Revenue

In addition to the YoY increase, our team’s work contributed to a 322% increase in prospecting revenue, a 76% increase in remarketing revenue, and a 143% increase in prospecting audience ROAS.

YoY Prospecting ROAS

Chart showing YoY Prospecting ROAS

Our combined approach to paid search and paid social strategies helped the company stand out even more against competitors in the outdoor apparel industry, expanding their customer reach without sacrificing their reputation as a brand built on lifestyle.

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