Comprehensive Strategy Boosts Organic Traffic

A leading tech company needed to launch a website in the development space in order to grow their visibility in the community and ultimately increase their conversions. Portent jumped on board with a comprehensive marketing strategy that drove results.


Off-Page SEO
Paid Social


Tech: Development

5K+ Organic Visits in 12 Months
33% Organic Traffic to Hub Pages
200 Unique Backlinks

This leading tech company needed help establishing a web presence that would build trust and brand awareness with potential leads. With an aggressive growth goal, no pre-existing organic visibility, and an audience that was skeptical of newcomers, our team needed to quickly dive into user research and competitive analysis to form the building blocks of a comprehensive strategy that fostered a community and made them an authoritative voice in the development space.


Our approach engaged multiple teams to build a blog resource so we could publish relevant content that answered potential user questions on a consistent basis, eventually creating a community and leading people to another website where they could learn more about the product and complete a form.

  • User Research – We interviewed people in the development space, synthesized the data from our research, and created target audience personas and a user journey map to inform content moving forward.
  • Keyword Research – Our SEO team targeted long-tail keywords and questions to establish topical relevance and authority. They then were able to target broad, high-volume, highly-competitive search queries with the desired search intent. On-page optimization and the creation of content hubs helped the client rank well for key search queries.
  • Paid Social – Our Social team took a two-phased approach, starting with testing multiple audience segments to find those that perform best with the client’s goal and applying those findings to an expanded audience to maximize reach across multiple social channels. The second phase tested various ad unit types to find the top performers within the tech/code audience segments.
  • Content Creation and Optimization – Our Content team worked closely with the SEO team to create copy that was highly targeted for search and the brand’s primary persona. Copy and layout were optimized based on keyword data, UX best practices, and heatmap results. Collaboration with our Development and Analytics teams improved site accessibility and optimized mobile performance.
  • Off-Page SEO – Because we started with zero domain authority, building links to the site within the first 90 days was extremely important. Through landing links in publications such as New York Magazine, PCMag, and VentureBeat, we drew attention to the site at a time when it was of utmost importance.

Our team built a brand new site from scratch for a niche topic, that went from zero traffic to more than 5K organic visits/month within a year.

Graph showing organic traffic increase year over year

A content hub—which was a beginner’s guide to the topic our client wanted to be known for—accounted for 36% of total organic visits to the site during our engagement.

Pie chart showing more than one third of organic visits coming through the content hub

Our off-page SEO efforts gained the client 200 unique backlinks.

Graph showing unique backlinks to site increase year over year

Through continuous testing and building on what was performing best, our social team saw excellent results, quarter over quarter:

  • 64% increase in traffic
  • 29% decrease in cost per click
  • 82,000+ site visitors across Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit
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