Content Hubs Drive 3.3 Million Organic Visits

A leading reference site wanted to be the leading authority in its field of expertise. Portent helped this client increase organic traffic to their educational content by 3.3M sessions by improving rankings for existing content and filling topical & keyword gaps using a content hub strategy and content briefs.


Content Strategy



3.3M Increase in Organic Sessions since January 2021
207% Increase in Organic Sessions to the Subfolder
13,100% Increase in Organic Sessions to Rewritten Content

This reference client had existing content that ranked in positions 10-30 in search results and wanted to improve these rankings. In doing so, they also wanted to increase organic traffic to the existing content and be more well-known in the area they specialized in.


To build topical authority and increase organic traffic, Portent worked with the client on updating underperforming content and minimizing existing content gaps to showcase their breadth of expertise. Using keyword research, SERP analysis, and competitor content analysis, Portent developed a content hub strategy that accounted for all of the topics the client needed to update and create. We then used the content hub strategy to determine how to interlink between the content so that users and search engines can find related content with ease. 


In total, Portent helped produce 135 articles. 27% focused on existing content while the other 73% focused on new content. 


When prioritizing our content brief development efforts, we focused on existing content first because our research shows that content updates help increase keyword growth. We also paid close attention to search volume and keyword difficulty metrics, focusing on the topics with the highest ROI.


Increased Organic Traffic to Subfolder

The content hubs (new and rewritten content) accounted for nearly 62% of organic traffic to the subfolder. The content hubs account for 44% of the total pages in the subfolder.

Chart showing the percentage of organic traffic driven by existing, rewritten, and new content

Increased Keyword Rankings

Chart showing the change in keyword rankings

Content Hubs Drove 3.3 Million Additional Organic Sessions

Chart showing cumulative organic traffic over time

Content Hubs Continue to Drive Incremental Organic Traffic to the Site

Chart showing rolling monthly organic traffic

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