Conversion Rates Jump with CRO Strategy

A leading global relocation service provider needed to give their conversion rates a boost in order to reach their targets for the quarter. Understanding this need, Portent's CRO team unpacked the on-site user experience and found ways to make conversions easier.




Moving Services

14% Increase in Mobile Form Fill Conversions
22% Increase in Mobile Phone Call Conversions
0% Increase in Ad Spend

The paid search landing page for this well-known moving company already had a relatively high conversion rate, circling around 27%. However, the brand was operating in a highly competitive market and had a strict budget with no room to increase spending. As a result, the goals that they set for the upcoming quarter were in jeopardy of falling short.


With very ambitious cost-per-lead targets and no option to increase ad spend, the only way to hit the target lead volume was by improving the conversion rates on the brand’s paid search landing page. To achieve the small percentage increase in conversion rates necessary to meet their goal, the CRO team reviewed the existing site to identify any unnecessary or distracting content that was potentially impacting the user’s experience. We determined that the current quote request form had redundant content at the top, including a phone call CTA and two pre-filled fields that the user had already inputted in the previous step. We suggested that both of these elements be removed to deliver a more engaging and streamlined experience.

An A/B test targeting all users was run, with one version showing the original form and the other version showing a form with our suggested updates. The goal was to reach at least 95% statistical significance in the expected improvement.

Side by side comparison of the form fill before and after the CRO recommendations were implemented


Reducing the non-pertinent content on the top of the form led to a 6% increase in conversion rates for form fills across all devices, and a 14% increase on mobile specifically.

Additionally, removing the phone call CTA on the form fill screen resulted in an increase in the phone call conversion rate by 22%. We hypothesized that making it easier for users to see the entire form clear of a distracting CTA allowed them to quickly decide whether they preferred to fill out the form or call and speak to a representative, which is why we saw conversion rate increases for both form fills and phone calls.

All of this was achieved without any increase in the brand’s ad spend budget.

Through an analysis of their existing site, identifying opportunities to improve the user experience, and then testing those options for best results, this relocation services company exceeded their quarterly goals, and now have an optimized form-fill experience for continued success.

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