Influencer Marketing Boosts Conversions

MagellanTV is a documentary streaming service with cutting-edge programming sourced from around the world. With a newly launched site and ambitious subscription goals, they were looking for a way to maximize brand reach and conversions. Their paid media channels were returning higher CPA than preferred, so they wanted to explore other advertising opportunities. Portent had the answer: a YouTube influencer marketing campaign.


Influencer Marketing


Streaming Services: Film

45% lower CPA for YouTube than average for paid channels
4x higher conversion rate for YouTube than other channels
6.8x more likely for users to convert from a YouTube referral
45% of all conversions came directly from YouTube
60% of total conversions assisted by YouTube
15% of total site sessions came from YouTube

With a newly created website and almost no brand recognition, getting new subscribers to the streaming service through organic means would take time. We needed a way to gain brand exposure and quickly reach their target audience—those who would connect with MagellanTV and become loyal subscribers. And with previous paid advertising efforts returning too high of a CPA, we needed a strategy that would deliver the best ROI on a nimble budget.


Knowing that successful influencers have engaged audiences that trust them, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to leverage influencer marketing to promote MagellanTV’s brand and services. And considering the fact that MagellanTV is a film streaming service, we believed that a visual platform like YouTube was the best medium to use.

Recognizing the need for a tight alignment between MagellanTV’s programming and the content the influencers created, we targeted YouTube influencers who seemed likely to be interested in documentary topics such as history, nature, and true crime. We vetted each influencer and the online content they produced, and chose to work with those who genuinely enjoyed MagellanTV and what it had to offer. Influencers were given free three-month subscriptions to the streaming service so they could familiarize themselves with the content and experience.


Over the course of two years一from June 1, 2019, through June 1, 2021一we saw a large increase in the number of subscribers driven directly from our YouTube influencers.

Subscriptions Driven From YouTube


We found that sessions from YouTube influencer referrals were 6.8 times more likely to end in a subscription sign-up. More than 60% of all sign-ups across all channels (paid social, organic/direct, display, and PPC), had YouTube as a touchpoint before converting, and 45% of all conversions took place directly on YouTube influencer landing pages.

YouTube Referral Subscriptions

45% of all sign-ups came from YouTube



By working with influencers that were enthusiastic about MagellanTV and the programming they offered, our team was able to leverage their loyal follower base to build brand recognition quickly. And by focusing on YouTube specifically, our campaign reached a highly-targeted audience of video content consumers, creating a perfect environment to promote a video streaming service.

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