Off-Page SEO Campaign Raises Organic Traffic

Choice Mutual is a life insurance provider that specializes in final expense policies for clients across the country. Because of their very niche, heavily competitive market, they needed to improve their organic search visibility and rankings to increase brand awareness and stand out against their competition. Portent's content promotion campaign was just the ticket.


Content Strategy
Off-Page SEO



159% Increase in YoY Referral Traffic
104% Increase in YoY Organic Traffic
118 Earned Backlinks

In an effort to stay ahead of their competition, Choice Mutual needed to improve their overall organic search visibility to ensure they were outranking their competition in the SERPs. Their previous approach focused on guest post link building, but due to the ever-changing landscape of search, this strategy wasn’t moving the needle as quickly as they hoped. They needed a way to effectively establish their authority in the market and boost their organic visibility.


Because backlinks weigh so heavily in Google’s algorithm when determining search results, our team decided that the fastest way to increase Choice Mutual’s organic visibility was through attaining authoritative, quality backlinks with a major content promotion campaign.

After an initial all-team brainstorm, we completed keyword research to measure search volume for words and phrases popular within Choice Mutual’s niche market. Those results were used to select a topic for the content and the best strategy for promoting it.

Portent then conducted research and developed a survey that would provide rich insights into burial preferences in the United States, working with our CRO team to optimize the questions and response options for clarity and purpose. The survey was then launched to more than 1,500 Americans across multiple age groups. The resulting data was analyzed to pull out unique insights and conclusions, and our piece of content was crafted from the survey responses.

The result was an original, data-driven piece of informative content that provided insights and statistics into how Americans preferred to be buried, and the factors that influence that decision. The piece was then widely promoted to reputable media outlets across several relevant industries over a two-month period.


Within the first six months of publication and promotion, the landing page for this unique piece of content received a 35% increase in organic traffic compared to the previous period.

PoP Cumulative Organic Traffic


Concentrated off-page SEO efforts earned 118 backlinks from sites with an average domain authority of 63, with top coverage from notable outlets including CBS, Yahoo Finance, Fox News, iHeartRadio, and USA Today. These links contributed to a 159% increase in YoY referral traffic to Choice Mutual’s site.

YoY Referral Traffic


These backlinking efforts saw Choice Mutual’s month-over-month domain authority increase 20%, and a 104% cumulative increase in YoY organic traffic as well.

To date, the off-page SEO efforts for this highly-curated piece of content continue to bring in referral traffic to Choice Mutual’s site, increase their brand recognition and awareness, and keep them ranking for relevant keywords within their market.

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