Sales Rise with Amazon Marketing Strategy

A national vitamin and supplement seller needed an updated marketing strategy in order to increase sales velocity and grow their visibility on Amazon. Portent jumped in and gave their presence a boost.


Content Strategy


E-commerce: Vitamins and Supplements

124% Advertising Revenue Growth
83% Increase in Advertising Visibility
17% Increase in Conversion Rate

With about 150 products listed on Amazon, this e-commerce health supplement retailer had a presence on the platform but needed help cleaning up their marketing strategy. The brand had never put effort into writing product copy with the Amazon algorithm in mind, which meant their products were not optimized. Additionally, when they came to Portent, they were making a fairly small investment in advertising, which is an essential part of selling on Amazon because the algorithm values sales velocity.


Our team’s approach to assisting this brand with their overall Amazon search optimization was thoughtful and methodical, and addressed the following three components:

  • Keyword Research – Our SEO team did full keyword research for each individual parent product in their inventory and created a list of core keywords that should drive content updates and advertising targeting
  • Detail Page Content Strategy – Our Content team used this keyword research as a tool to completely rewrite all titles, key features, descriptions, and enhanced brand content for each product individually
  • Advertising – Again using the keyword research as a tool, we built an updated advertising strategy that included new campaigns and ad groups to target a wider range of the client’s inventory while organizing it in an effective way

One year after implementation, the brand’s entire Amazon catalog saw a 22% increase in revenue. Additional results included:

  • 124% revenue growth from advertising
  • 83% increase in advertising visibility
  • 17% increase in conversion rate

With a dedicated focus on keyword research, improved content, and updated advertising approach, this new marketing strategy increased sales velocity, improved their product visibility, and delivered a major ROI increase on Amazon advertising efforts.

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