Dive into Content Strategy

April 19, 2023

E-Book Description

We’re making content strategy accessible. Get quick explanations and detailed exercises for key content strategy stages. After this ebook, you’ll know how to create the right content and stop wasting your time on the useless stuff.

In this ebook we explain how to:

  • Identify success metrics
  • Understand your audience
  • Clarify your competitive landscape
  • Define your company voice
  • Produce and evaluate ideas

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Sample Excercises

Choosing Your KPIs: Choose the right metrics by matching your goals to actions you want your audience to take.

Empathy Map: Imagine your audience’s daily life so you can join the conversations they’re having.

Website Performance: Compare your competitors’ sites to yours by looking at UX, design, and content factors.

Social Media Stats: Create an engagement snapshot so you know where you stand.

Brand Voice Madlibs: Distill all your feelings about your brand into a concise set of messages.

Tone of Voice Dimensions: Quickly create voice guidelines for your writers.

Prioritization: Organize your most compelling ideas by relevance, audience value, and ease of creation.

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