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Conversation Marketing

September 17, 2012

The most successful web businesses know how to engage in conversations with their clients. Learn how Internet marketing is relationship building and what that means for your business. Ian Lurie shares tips on how to start and maintain conversations with your clients over the Internet and how to use that information to improve your bottom line.


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  • Introduction: where’s the lettuce? A conversation marketing parable3
  • What is conversation marketing? In a nutshell?7
  • Before you start: Know your goals17
  • Know the room: Prepare for your conversation19
  • Dress appropriately: Belonging in the conversation29
  • Sound smart: Avoiding conversation stoppers41
  • Make a connection: Continuing the conversation55
  • Brag modestly: Polite conversation starters63
  • Observe and adjust: Keeping the conversation going71
  • Conversation marketing87

About the Author

Ian Lurie is founder and CEO of Portent a digital marketing agency that has provided internet marketing, including PPC, SEO, social and analytics services, since 1995.

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“Based on my experience and the experience of other Portent Interactive clients that I know, I can confidently say that if you want the best and brightest in Internet marketing agencies, you want to work with Portent Interactive. Ian Lurie and his entire team at Portent Interactive really get it. They know how to cut through the current Internet marketing noise and hype to deliver solid business results for their clients. ”
Fred Janssen

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