Getting Started in PPC: Fast!

December 17, 2012

Want to skip module after module in the AdWords Learning Center and hit the ground running with page turning ferocity instead? Well, we’ve got the answer for you- it’s Portent’s Getting Started in PPC: Fast! ebook at a whopping 46 pages (with pictures!) That’s right, in just 46 pages you’ll be able to whisk your way through the basics of how PPC works, how to create and expand an account, how to run the account, plus some terminology and all from the perspective of a group of people that don’t work for Google.


  • What is PPC?5
  • How to set up Google AdWords13
  • How to set up a campaign16
  • Settings overview24
  • Quick start to keyword management33

About the Authors

The Portent PPC team put their heads together under the watchful eye of our crackerjack content team and their red pen wielding prowess to bring you this so fun and so free ebook. Elizabeth Marsten (Director of Search Marketing), Michael Wiegand (Senior PPC & GA Specialist), Ryan Moothart (PPC Specialist), Chad Kearns (PPC Specialist) and Jack Martin (PPC/Copywriter) each wrote a section with the coordination of intern Tim Johnson, who between them have managed a few million dollars here and there in spend, 100’s of clients and niches from wedding invitations, wigs and frozen seafood to terminal emulation and cloud computing. You could say we know PPC.

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