Fat Free Guide to SEO Copywriting

September 17, 2012

Copywriters from across the nation have used this guide to get more links, traffic and higher rankings by learning how to write customer and search engine-friendly content. SEO lives and dies based on great copywriting and content. Good content is good business. Engage your users while telling the search engines what’s on the page.


  • Easy to understand explanations about how search engines think and how they reach and interpret your content
  • The six golden rules for successful SEO copywriting
  • Guidelines for writing headlines that will attract both search engines and readers
  • How to write good “anchor link” text
  • How to create highly relevant “clusters” or “hubs” of content

About the Author

Ian Lurie is founder and CEO of Portent, a digital marketing agency that has provided internet marketing services, including PPC, SEO, social and analytics since 1995.

Need Proof?

“I am a massive believer in branding so I absolutely love what you are doing with these ebooks!”
Thomas Sinfield,

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