Page Speed Optimization & Consulting

E-commerce, business-to-business, publishers and others see better marketing ROI with faster page load times. Page speed optimization is one of the easiest, most impactful upgrades you can make, and Portent’s Accelerator service can get you there, headache-free.

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Portent’s page speed optimization experts will:

  1. Test multiple site pages
  2. Provide site-wide performance recommendations
  3. Suggest changes to HTML and CSS code for faster page rendering
  4. Deliver optimized image files you can upload directly to your site
  5. Provide server and database changes that speed up every aspect of your site
  6. Walk through these recommendations, by phone, with your team
  7. If relevant, recommend Content Distribution Network (CDN) and caching server implementation

Portent’s Accelerator service taps almost two decade’s experience. We’ve built blazing fast sites since the birth of the World Wide Web.

For twenty years, Portent clients have trusted us to help them accelerate their sites. You can, too. Choose a package and contact us to learn more:

PackageSite sizePages testedFiles providedServer CheckConsultingPrice
Performance Essentials< 1001 pages2Y1 hour$1,000
Performance Full1001-5,000 pages10Y4 hours$3,000
Performance Enterprise5001+ pagesCustomYYCustom pricingCustom pricing