What’s a click worth? Lead-based Internet Marketing Worksheet

For this sheet you need to know how many clicks become leads (a), how many leads become customers (b), the value of the average customer (c), and what you are spending per click (d). Complete fields a-d and click ‘calculate’. Note: Enter only numbers and decimal points. No dollar signs, commas or text.

If a percent of clicks turn to leads, and b percent of leads turn to customers...

and the average customer is worth $c and you're spending $d per click...

Then each click is worth $

What's a Lead

Obviously, a visitor can become a lead when they fill out a 'contact us' form. But there are other types of leads, too:

  • A visitor views your contact us page
  • A visitor looks at more than 10 pages
  • A visitor signs up for your newsletter
So be creative. There's always some type of yardstick you can use.

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