Measure Shopper Engagement – Find The Funnel Tipping Point

September 25, 2014 Running time: 0 27 55

Our analytics platforms – Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics – do a great job surfacing “attrition” and “engagement” metrics like Bounce Rate, Funnel Abandonment, Pages per Visit and Visit Duration. But how engaged is an audience really? Are people that spend 10 minutes on your site enthralled with the content or just confused? That’s really hard to quantify and even harder to optimize your marketing campaigns for.

In Portent’s free September webinar, our Analytics Architect Michael Wiegand will walk you through building a better mousetrap for measuring mid-funnel activity. Utilizing Google Tag Manager’s Auto Event Tracking, you can measure and score:

  • Clicks of Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Connections with Social Profiles
  • Downloads of .PDF Resources
  • Mailing List Registrations
  • Views of Key Pages
  • Views of Videos

Learn how to leverage those events to build segments around (and remarketing campaigns for!) customers who show buying intent through several actions.

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