International SEO Strategy Guide

March 26, 2015 Running time: 0 59 38

Online businesses have unique business needs, which makes a “one-size-fits-all” international SEO strategy about as common as a unicorn sighting. Make sure to get your company’s international SEO strategy right by participating in this webinar & bringing your questions.

SEO Strategist Kaitlin McMichael shares insights into how to set up and execute a successful international SEO strategy. We’ll cover topics like which URL structure to choose for your site(s), tips & tricks for hreflang implementation, the new locale-adaptive Googlebot crawlers, and what to expect in terms of ROI for your international SEO strategy.

Portent Alumni

Kaitlin has done in-house marketing since 2010, specializing in SEO, and is certified in Google Analytics. When not working, Kaitlin likes hiking, biking, and traveling to the nether parts of the world.

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