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Imagine your company being truly data driven.

What does that look like?

Your teams getting the right data they need at the right times to tailor their campaigns to key audiences. Your data platforms talking to each other and getting critical pieces of information integrated. Your marketing strategy being based on actual customer behaviors and anticipated changes to that behavior instead of hunches.

It’s the dream, right?

The Data Driven Marketing Problem

Dreams don’t always match up with reality though.

A recent survey showed that only 11% of CMOs considered their team’s use of analytics to be sophisticated or cutting edge:

CMO Survey on Data Usage by Marketers
CMO Survey on Data Usage

CMO Survey Results Courtesy of SpencerStuart

With all the talent and technology available in the marketplace today, there just isn’t an excuse to be behind the curve any more.

What does getting ahead mean to your business?

Well, the same CMOs polled in the survey above expected impact from data to manifest itself in a number of ways. But primarily, better customer experiences, better marketing strategy, better online marketing and even better product development:

CMO Survey future impact of data use across marketing channels
CMO Survey - Future impact of data on marketing channels

Image Courtesy of SpencerStuart

Why hire an agency for analytics?

You could staff up to do analytics internally. Nothing wrong with that. You could hire another general business consultant to do it. Sure.

But will that get you the results you want?

Going back to the CMO survey once more, they were asked who is currently using data to its fullest and affecting how their organizations make decisions. 58% said SEO/SEM marketing practitioners were having the largest impact:

CMO Survey on using digital marketing data
CMO Survey - Who's Using Data With Most Impact

Image Courtesy of SpencerStuart

Why? Because search (SEM), by nature, is an incredibly accountable channel. We have better data collection methods and more data points than almost anybody and we’ve grown addicted to using analytics to get better results for our clients.

Portent has been doing SEO/SEM since search engines were in their infancy. As search engines have evolved, we’ve evolved too. And we worked with businesses in every major vertical to improve their return on marketing investment.

There’s no secret to why we’ve done this so well for 20 years: It’s just a combination of marketing savvy in all channels and using all the great data available.

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