Mozinar Recap: Integrating Analytics & CRM Systems

Michael Wiegand May 5 2015

This morning, I gave a webinar to Moz fans (a Mozinar, if you will) on a concept troubling a lot of B2B marketers today: truly “closed loop reporting” between analytics and customer relationship management platforms.

Tracking the B2B Customer Lifecycle

I talked through an ideal integration in true Moz fashion, with a whiteboard:

Mozinar Whiteboard

I mentioned a few articles at the beginning that fully encapsulate the issues B2B marketing folks face and some good rhetoric on it, if nothing else:

But where all of those guides fall short is giving practitioners an actual use case to mimic with their platforms.

A Guide to Integrating Analytics & CRM Platforms

With the help of Che-Crawford’s lovely Fifth Element fan art, I presented a demo for establishing a connection between Google Analytics and HubSpot using Google Tag Manager.

Here’s the recording, for those of you who missed it:


A Quick CRM Integration Reference Deck

And if you don’t have time enough to watch the video, tab through the deck quickly:

Stay tuned for moreĀ on analytics integrations. It’s quite a bit beyond 101, but let’s face it: our livelihood as tech marketers relies on building sophisticated campaigns. Our audiences demand it!