Advanced Google Analytics Cheat Sheet


We’ve got a new and improved version of the Cheat Sheet for 2015!

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Google Analytics is Hard

Google Analytics is tricky. There are cookies, utm_codes, and lots of counterintuitive definitions. As Kanye West would say, “It’s enough to drive a sane man biz-erk.”

Can’t Someone Put This All in One Place?

When I was studying for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification, I was overwhelmed by the number of cookie specifications, tracking parameters, and complex definitions I needed to know.

“Couldn’t someone put this all in one place?” I asked. “Maybe in a visually appealing way?”

Introducing: the Advanced Google Analytics Cheat Sheet

It includes convenient summaries of:

    • URL Tagging
    • Regular Expressions
    • Cookies (or Biscuits, if you’re English or Tracy)


  • Definitions that most people get wrong

And you can download it today, not for $39, not for $29, not even for $9.99…

But for the low, low cost of one tweet. Imagine how delighted your friends and colleagues will be when you share this with them. They’ll be pleased as punch. Really, they will.

Download the Advanced Google Analytics Cheat Sheet Here, and Pay with a Tweet

PS – if you like Google Analytics, make sure you check out Ian’s Original Google Analytics Cheat Sheet.

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  1. First time I’ve seen “pay with a tweet”, very clever. I’ve read your material before so I’m not concerned about paying because I know of it’s quality. I’m sure this cheat sheet is going to kill a few trees…

  2. Have to admit a little article on the Paywithatweet gohickey would be a good move too…
    Only one small problem… tweeted, but can’t download the sheet… #oops

    1. Hi Martin,
      I’m sorry about that.
      I’ve found that you have to tweet through the Pay With a Tweet button and add the app to your Twitter account to get the file.
      If you’re still having trouble, feel free to drop me an email at mgratt @

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