It's plagiarism day!

Ian Lurie

I love people who steal my stuff. Sometimes, I can’t think of any clever blogging ideas. So I go to Google, do a quick search and wham, some idiot not only stole my article but also hotlinked directly to my images.

So, I use my handy anti-plagiarism 3-step process and replace an image or two, and voila! Instant entertainment:

linkbait stolen

The butthole, in this case, is apparently some guy named Dave Sweeting, or someone pretending to be Dave Sweeting (giving him benefit of the doubt).

Now, I figure they posted this article and said “Hey, Ian will contact me first. In the mean time, I can try to get a little SEO juice and maybe sell a few PPC clicks.”

HAHAHAHA surprise, motherf—er!!!! Next time I’ll get your crappy ripoff site shut down. How’d that be?

PS: He stole several other articles from me, as well as at least one piece from SEOMOZ, Problogger and Matt Cutts (which really takes some chutzpah). Matt, you gonna keep this site in the index?

Plagiarist #2 is up for outting in a few minutes, so stick around…

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  1. Hahaha…even though I know it sucks when someone steals your stuff…I must admit I love it when they do. The entertainment value for me personally goes through the roof!

  2. Ian, I’m new here. You just made my crappy Thursday about 1/3 less crappier. You’ve got a wicked sense of humor. Love it.
    Let ’em have it!

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