HTML Basics: Video Tutorials

Ian Lurie Dec 20 2009

I’ve been helping the middle school class at my children’s Montessori learn to write basic HTML. The goal: Get them to the point where they can work comfortably in WordPress.
The result is a slowly growing series of videos on the subject. If you’re a wannabe blogger/geek and don’t know the basic HTML tags (headings, lists, etc.) these videos might help.
Here’s the first video:

The ultra-super basic lesson for building an ultra-super basic web page./

You can also see the entire channel here:
HTML Basics on Vimeo

I am horrifically, utterly behind on this training. If anyone from West Seattle Montessori is reading this and wants to kill me, leave a nasty comment below – less legal troubles.

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  1. Tom Moullet

    Tom Moullet

    Hey Ian,
    Your video is disabled in Google Reader.
    “Sorry. The creator of this video has not given you permission to embed it on this domain”
    On purpose?

  2. Ian


    @Tom sorry that was stupid fingers on my part. Should be OK from my blog, though.

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