A Duck and a Donkey Walk into a Bar…

Ian Lurie

The folks over at Idiom Strategies have done a video about Conversation Marketing.
It’s dang funny. However, I don’t agree with their definition of ‘Conversation Marketing’. To me, the ‘conversation’ means it’s two-way between you and every member of your audience. Not that you pursue influencers or leave out ‘marketing fluff’. Check out my book for my version.
That said, it’s a great video, and it’s not like I’m the sole authority on the subject:

conversation marketing

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  1. Hey Ian! Thanks for posting the video. Glad you enjoyed. We’re also enjoy hearing different view points on conversation marketing. Absolutely, we agree that there should be the ability to have 2-way dialogue with every member of a company’s audience. In our experience, however, the vast majority of all people (consumers) are just Listeners. They’re the people looking to Influencers and conversation Participants for advice and suggestions on how to fulfill their wants and needs.
    We created a LinkedIn Group called Idiomatic: Conversation Marketing so that people could gather and talk about joining the market conversation. We hope you and your readers will come enrich the discussion and share your differing views with the group.

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