Webinar topics, anyone?

Ian Lurie

I’m doing a webinar soon(ish). I’ve got three potential topics:

  1. An SEO update: Basic SEO advice after Panda. This would target beginner-intermediate internet marketers and site owners.
  2. Content marketing 101: A high-level look at the pieces involved in a successful content marketing campaign, and how they fit together.
  3. A guided tour of Google Analytics: A look at all the fantastic new features in Google Analytics.

What say you? Make your vote via the comments:

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  1. Google Analytics, please. I’m especially interested in Google Webmaster Tools integration and what that means for tracking keywords–thanks.

  2. Guided tour of GA. I run across far too many clients and potential clients that don’t have a very good understanding of the power the tool has. Additional valuable content out there that shows the type of business insights someone can gain from GA is always a plus in my book.

  3. Are you wanting the webinar to be for marketers or potential new clients? As a marketer I would love to see Google Analytics covered, as a client probably Content Marketing. Just my two cents…I will for sure sign up regardless πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Ian,
    My vote:
    Content marketing 101
    Can never have enough written about this because of the vast and sometimes overwhelming scope of possibilities.
    Something that breaks down the different parameters of content sharing for different industries or types of content would also be helpful.
    Thanks and keep up the good work,

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