PPC eBooks for Small Business

It took me much longer than I anticipated it would, but here they are! PPC eBooks meant for small businesses- small business being defined as a PPC budget of $1,000 or less in a month. That’s not to say a $500,000 per month budget wouldn’t benefit from this information, it’s just as a small business owner on the side, I get it. I get how tight money is and how every dollar you spend on advertising or invest in something is a big gamble when you don’t have a lot to start with.

PPC e-book for small business

What makes these eBooks different?

Glad you asked! The unique approach on these books is that they are about process. Driving decisions and actions to keep people from not only making common PPC mistakes, but how to troubleshoot them. How to get started off right and stay right throughout your marketing efforts, more importantly.

Every dollar you waste on clicks that get you nothing is gone. Nothing you can do about it. But do you know why? Or what is “good” from “bad” when it comes to PPC?

That is what I am trying to help you figure out. For example, at what point do you know which type of match type to use? What’s the line for when a keyword has X number of impressions that it’s too much and should go to phrase or exact match? Or how about how much to bid vs. what Google’s suggested bid is? How much is too much?

Help Centers give you definitions and best practices for their engine, but you know your business best. Combine that with specific guidelines and common sense and you’ll be surprised how much better your PPC will run.

Enough with the spiel, you want to know how to get these books, right?

PPC for Your Small Business (Book 1)

Start Here

  • What is PPC and how does it work?
  • What should my budget be?
  • Which product and service to try first

Ready to Start an Account

  • Which keywords to use
  • How to determine what terms people are searching
  • Match types
  • What match types to apply
  • Figure out how much to bid
  • Negative Keywords
  • What to write in ads

Ready to Start Bidding and Buying

  • Where to start
  • Important account settings
  • How to determine if PPC is working
  • Where to send visitors
  • Do you need a PPC specific landing page?
  • Now What?

PPC for Your Small Business (Book 2)


  • Have you already started or tried PPC but think it’s eating all your money?
  • Important account settings
  • Getting more out of your budget.

Expanding Your Account

Advertising on the Content (Display) Network

Adwords Tools and Features

  • Sitelinks
  • Product extension ads
  • Conversion optimizer
  • Enhanced CPC
  • Now What?

You can download them HERE.)

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