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Programmatic Campaign Management

  • 281% Increase in PoP Assisted Conversions
  • 520% Increase in PoP Assisted Conversion Revenue
  • 233% Increase in PoP Site Traffic
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Programmatic Campaign Management

The time and effort it takes to find and establish a relationship with a DSP platform, set up your campaigns, make daily optimizations, and report on performance is a lot—especially if it’s not your only job. Our programmatic experts create campaigns and strategies, handle optimizations, and maintain platform relationships so you don’t have to.

How We’ll Work Together

We create and launch your campaigns while providing ongoing recommendations to make sure you’re using all the channels at your disposal, such as Spotify, podcasts, and native and display ads. With dedicated strategists who know programmatic inside and out, you’ll skip the “learning phase” of building new campaigns, and ensure no budget is wasted on testing.


Programmatic Campaign Audit

Our campaign audit gives you all the information you need about your current programmatic campaigns and strategies. We can also evaluate proposals from other agencies or programmatic platforms to make sure you’re getting the best strategy for your business (and your budget).

How We’ll Work Together

We’ll research CPM, CPC, and CPA based on industry benchmarks and historical data available. From there, we’ll take a deep dive into your existing or proposed targeting tactics and associated costs to ensure you’re getting the best return on your investment. You’ll get a list of pros, cons, and recommendations for optimization.

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