Data That Persuades: My SES presentation, with notes

Ian Lurie

I gave a talk titled Data That Persuades at SES San Francisco yesterday. I’d like to say it was a fantastic home run, but I was bleary-eyed and out of it, and I think some of my points didn’t totally get across. So, I just finished an annotated version: All my slides, with notes explaining what’s going on:


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  1. Now this is the first time I have seen a presentation delivered with notes in a little black box over the presentation. Very novel indeed. I haven’t gone through it yet though because I’m lazy and would like the option of a video with audio narration. Just saying…

    1. Kenny G!
      Lazy eh…
      That doesn’t sound like you…..(cough) New Dad latitude has GOT to be over by now?!
      Ian..Good Job. Thank you.

  2. Loved this — shared on my personal and corporate social channels. If I had more places to share this on, I would.
    Keep fighting the good fight, Ian!

  3. Hi Ian. Thanks for the slide deck and showing how to get rid of all the clutter and present it well step by step.
    The contrast from one to another was great. we are coding up our own marketing reports at the moment so the presentation was timely. No nasty pie charts now.
    Thank you
    P.S. Met you at mozcon in July and have a photo of us to send eventually. hehe

  4. Ian. I thought this was a really interesting post and it was really interesting the way that you mention the way that people consume information. Right now in an age of information overload educating people on the way that they can consume information and filter it is important. I shared your post and I hope lots of people check it out.

  5. Tks a lot for this post (from France) Ian Lurie ..
    Data kill the data, don’t know if i make myself understand.
    Telling a story which make sense for taking the right decision it’s the aim of any presentations. But it’s an art i think and claim experience and skillness.

  6. Hi Ian Lurie,
    A nice presentation. Good Take Aways. You are absolutely right, if it is just sharing numbers & tables, automated feature of any analytics tools should be sufficient. It is bringing out the hidden gems. More importantly the Why & What is what the management is more interested in. Just one clarification, are Pie Charts always Bad? I think it is about where & how you use pie charts. Over all, I enjoyed your presentation.

  7. Ian, excellent presentation. I think these are very helpful insights to implement.
    Anytime we create a report for a client, we keep it simple. I have found it is very difficult to explain concepts like SEO to people in a brief period of time. Keeping data simple and to the point is a powerful way to assist clients to make decisions that will benefit their businesses.

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