Integrating Analytics & CRM Platforms – SMX West 2016

Michael Wiegand Mar 1 2016

Conference Agenda SMX West 2016

Thanks to everybody who attended my talk at SMX West on closed-loop analytics! It covered enriching your web analytics data with customer information from your CRM or marketing automation platforms.

A Quick Closed-Loop Analytics Primer

I did a quick whiteboard interview with Colin Parker, Director of Marketing at Portent. We covered the benefits to investing the time and connecting the data sets you have on your customers:

My SMX Deck

SMX made the decks from my talk and every other talk available in Slideshare format.

Resources from the Talk

I made a tool for querying the HubSpot API (work for other CRMs too with minor modifications) and brings it into a Google Sheet in a format that Google Analytics will be able to read and import.

Get the Data Export Tool

Note: You will need to make a copy of the tool as it’s read-only.