Lean Content, the ebook, and I’m Tired

Ian Lurie

TL;DR: I wrote an ebook called Lean Content: Kick-ass Content Creation for Teams of One. Get it here.

Yeah. I wrote two ebooks in two months. Yeah, I’m tired. This one is free, too: Lean Content: Kick-ass Content Creation for Teams of One

Yes, I used “lean” in the title. It’s a buzzword. Deal with it.

This book is my approach to content creation. It’s how I do blog posts, longform, papers, articles, product descriptions, and anything else that uses words. I talk about tools and techniques. The first chapter is a little philosophical and hand-wavy, but after that, it’s all meaty how-to.

I like the process so much, I use it to write my ebooks. I probably couldn’t have done two in two months without it.

It’s free. Fill out a little form so we can sell you stuff, and you’re all set.*

*We won’t sell you stuff. We’ll ask you if you have any questions. Then, if you’re interested, you can say “Hey, Portent, can you help me with all this cool stuff?”

Download it here

Enjoy. Send me any questions. In the meantime, I’m going to have a nap.

PS: Last week we released Technical SEO Best Practices. You can get that one for free here.

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