Free Video Site Reviews: May require therapy

Ian Lurie

A long while ago, I did a series of free site reviews. I stopped, to be honest, for three reasons:

  • I got sick of writing free site reviews. It wasn’t that much fun for me.
  • I got spammed with thousands of sites that either made me retch or blush.
  • In the end, I was left with that empty feeling you usually get after eating 2 pounds of chocolate and realize it was crappy chocolate.

So this time, I’m going to do things differently. Fill out the form below and I’ll check out your site for free, then do a 5-10 minute video review.
I do not guarantee I’ll do a review. If I do one, I’ll notify you before the video goes live.
I’ll be nice, but I’ll be very honest. Once I do the review, it’s live, and it ain’t going down. You can hire a therapist, but if you hire a lawyer I’ll just do 50 more reviews making fun of your color selections.
You have been warned. The brave may submit here:

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  1. I had to laugh a bit as soon as I finished reading this post, because nobody made any comment on this one. I guess they’re terrified at your warning of being very honest with your review…although I may be wrong and there might have been some brave ones who filled up the form above. It really does take some amount of bravery to be reviewed and be given both positive and negative criticisms, but the reward would be the knowledge of how your site fare in other people’s view.

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