Schwinn Doesn’t Exist

Ian Lurie Apr 14 2009

I’m not a vindictive person.
OK, maybe I am. Waaay back in 1996, when I was a struggling entrepreneur (and what’s changed exactly?), I sent a long letter to Schwinn’s marketing department offering to build their site.
They sent back a somewhat mocking reply. So when I happened to do a search today and discovered that their site only shows 4 pages to Google:
…you’ll imagine I didn’t exactly weep.
My schadenfreude is in spite of the fact that I won my first-ever BMX race on a Schwinn Scrambler, rode across New England on a Schwinn Varsity, and even tried sell their bikes in a store in LA before I realized they’d begun building bricks with wheels.
Nice job, guys. Keep up the good work and even the nameplate will soon disappear. Congrats.

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  1. HA! They definitely should have hired you.
    At least you don’t hold grudges…

  2. Ian


    @MikeTek Yah I just nurse burning hatred for years on end. But no grudges.

  3. They still make bikes? :)

  4. Ian


    @Brett No, only bricks with wheels.

  5. diane


    LOL! I love stories like this. :) According to an article I read years ago, the Milan Conservatory rejected the young Guiseppe Verdi. Years later, when Verdi was famous, they wanted to rename the school (or maybe a wing — I forget the details) after him. Verdi basically told them to go stick it in their ear. LOL, I love it!

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