Get on that Map: Local SEO Best Practices [VIDEO WEBINAR]

This webinar was given on June 19, 2014

Learn all about Local SEO best practices, including basic on-site SEO for businesses, business profiles, directory and citation providers, duplicate listings, reviews, and more in this free PortentU webinar.

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  1. Great vid!
    Love the idea of small businesses outranking big companies. What citation builders do isn’t magic. With perfect citation of business profile, your business can appear on major search engines.

  2. Going local to compete with big companies is a
    a great strategy in order to gain an edge.
    The video was witty and I liked it.
    Much success,

  3. This is a great video and highlights every aspect of Local SEO. Everybody wants to be on page 1 the next day and it is unrealistic to expect that you will be ranked for Pet Company in a few months. More realistically is Pet Company (Your Town). The beauty is that people who search Pet Company from your town MAY be prompted with your local listing as if they wrote “Pet Company (Your Town).”

  4. Sorry I missed the original webinar, but this replay is awesome & I have learned a lot – Thank You! Being non-USA based, doing local SEO is a challenge since tools like Yext & Moz Local don’t support non-USA countries. If anyone can make suggestions for local SEO for non-USA countries, that would be of great value.
    Thanks again
    – Duane

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