SEO is not a strategy

Ian Lurie

Today I ran an SEO copywriting clinic at SES San Jose. Lesson: We all need to remember that SEO is not a strategy.
SEO is a tactic. It’s how you generate ‘foot traffic’ once you’ve created your product.
Before you start an SEO campaign, you need to:

  • Know what you’re selling.
  • Know why it’s unique.
  • Have a well crafted story. Not a lie – a narrative about your product/service/campaign/whatever that tells the audience why you’re unique.
  • Already know how you’re going to motivate your audience.
  • Have great copy. Don’t write for SEO. Write first. Then optimize.
  • Have a well-crafted web site that was built with your audience in mind.

Only then should you invest in SEO. Or in any other tactic.

A million years ago I wrote a post about the fact that SEO is a tactic, not a strategy. This bit is just a refresher.

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  1. Good stuff, I speak to far too many people who consider SEO their one and only “strategy” for getting traffic.
    I love SEO, but more people need to realise that it should only be one feather in your cap.

  2. I absolutely agree with you.I have seen people worried more about researching keywords from SEO POV rather than selecting keywords fulfilling the website’s motive,only to increase the traffic and get a better page rank.SEO has to be given importance,but a proper understanding of the own site must be done before that.
    Nice and necessary information.
    Thanks for sharing.

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