Technical SEO Best Practices – New (free) ebook!

Ian Lurie

TL;DR: I wrote a technical SEO ebook. It’s free. You should get it here.

You’re probably all wondering where the hell I’ve been. I haven’t written a blog post in, what, four weeks?!

I’ve been working on two projects. The first one is a free ebook: Technical SEO Best Practices.

I wrote it as something you can hand to a development team and say, “Please do all this.”

It’s also not bad if you’re a novice-intermediate SEO and looking to learn.

It’s free. Fill out a little form so we can sell you stuff, and you’re all set.*

*We won’t sell you stuff. We’ll ask you if you have any questions. Then, if you’re interested, you can say “Hey, Portent, can you help me with all this cool stuff?”

Download it here


PS: My second project launches next week. It’s another free ebook.

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