Update: Keyword Research Tools Showdown (Wordtracker)

Ian Lurie

I did Wordtracker a disservice in my keyword research tools showdown last week. I am a long, long-time fan of their toolset. So long, in fact, that I’d neglected to thoroughly examine the slick new interface they’ve got, as well as a couple of additional tools.
I’m a little embarrassed, but I’ll get over it. In the mean time, here are the features I missed:
First, they have a neat ‘In Anchor and Title’ measurement that shows:

  • The number of pages that include the target phrase in their title tag.
  • The number of pages with a backlink that includes the target phrase as the link text.

That’s a great way to get a high-level look at competition.
Next, they’ve updated their KEI formula. I am not a huge fan of KEI in general, but a quick look at the results tell me it’s reasonably accurate at this point. The only time it goes a little awry is for keywords with very low search volumes.
There are more features, as well, but these two alone make Wordtracker a must if you’re a pro.
Thanks to Mal Darwen at Wordtracker for pointing out my errors without cursing at me.
You can get a tour of the new features, and how to apply them, on the Wordtracker web site, here.

I am not a Wordtracker affiliate. Nor are they paying me. Nor do I get free service, cars, a luxury jet, food for my guinea pigs or any other form of compensation from Wordtracker. I am just. a. fan. Suck on that, FTC.

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  1. I’m glad you added this today, actually, as missed your post last week. I stopped using Wordtracker some time ago as found that for my needs, and those of my clients, the Google keyword tool was more than sufficient.
    But with these more in-depth features from Wordtracker, it’s time to review how much more useful that could be.
    Thanks Ian

  2. The NEW Wordtracker tool is also great for managing your keywords…I use the tool almost every day in conjunction with many other KW research tools…
    Also as mentioned also good to see new metrics included…

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