How to Find Pages You Like on Facebook (and Unlike Them)

With the now well established changes to Facebook Graph Search, the pages you like on Facebook will soon appear in search results. For most of us, there’s nothing to worry about. Declaring you “Like” How I Met Your Mother is just a sign you enjoyed the show’s witty writing before Barney and Robin got together… for the second time.

Oh, and we should probably mention, if you need a little more help in managing social media for your business than simply unliking a page, we’re basically the Neil Patrick Harris of social media management.

However, for one reason or another, you might have liked a page you shouldn’t have. If you’re uncomfortable with unwittingly shilling for companies you no longer support or if you just want to avoid expressing your love for anything embarrassing, here’s the best way to remove your unwanted page Likes:

How to find Facebook pages you’ve liked

1. Visit your profile and click the Likes app (it might be hidden under the application dropdown button).

Doug's Facebook profile


2. Scroll to the bottom of your Likes page and click “Show Other Pages.”

Show other pages

3. If you’re like me and have gone on some major liking sprees, you might need to click on the “show more” button to see the complete list.

Facebook Warning

Over the past four years—Facebook pages have been around since 2009—I’ve liked around 300 different pages. I’m really into Ghostbusters, Disney World and social media, so don’t worry if you haven’t liked as many pages as I have.

To remove a page from your list, you’ll need to unlike it. Hover over a page title, click the Like button, and then select “Unlike.”

unlike page

This is just a demonstration. Please keep liking Portent’s Facebook page.

If you have any troubles or need any other questions answered, feel free to leave a comment.

End call to action


  1. Oh sigh. As a social strategist, I’m always, “liking” pages for clients and their competitors not as a signal that I actually, “like” or “endorse” a company. I’m over 1,000 at this point so it looks like time to clean house. Thanks for the tips, I wonder if there is an app that allows you to unlike in volume. 🙂

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